Natural Risk Free Cosmetic Cures For Anyone

Everyone undoubtedly come across blemishes, scarring, freckles, blackheads and so many others. It may be so extreme and go to a point where you may not even be able to identify yourself. If it was with regards to your hair, you might be facing dandruff issues, hair fall and whatnot. Here are some natural treatments that will definitely help you get through these;

Tea bags and glossy hair

Tea has always been known to be one of the best suggestions that could be used to improve overall health and appearance. With different flavored tea being introduced to serve different purposes and tastes, it is no wonder that it could even be used as a way to gain glossy hair. All you need is two tea bags and 2 cups of water. Based on your hair color you could use black tea, chamomile or rich orange flavors. Let this mix cook and pour it over your hair so it soaks from the roots. Mix it all over and wash and condition after ten minutes. Tea helps in reducing the pH level in your hair and nullifies it, giving it a glossier and satisfying color. This is a better option than going through cosmetic injections and root hair transplants.

Strawberry skin scrub

Strawberry just like any other fruit is rich in so many vitamins and minerals. Thus making it the perfect berry for a scrub. Use a couple strawberries and smash them together while combining it with one tablespoon of honey. Apply this scrub on your face by massaging it in gently in a circular motion. After letting it sit for some time, wash it off with warm water. This works well for any type of skin, from the sensitive type to the dry and oily type. This further helps in reducing breakouts and pimples too. This also assists in pigmentation removal naturally.

Banana, avocado and frizzy hair

Have you got frizzy hair and constantly worrying about not being able to tame it? Mix in a banana and half an avocado and apply it well on your hair. Massage it through, from the root to the tip then cover your hair in a plastic shower cap and let it sit for ten minutes. After sometime rinse and wash it using cool water. Banana and avocado with its potassium and moisturizing fatty acid, are the perfect mix for smooth and soft hair. Use it once in two weeks for best results.