How To Get Back To Exercising Post Pregnancy

Soon after a pregnancy some women find that exercise is the last thing they want to do while some others are anxious to get in to an exercise routine to get back to their pre-pregnancy body. Exercising after giving birth can be extremely helpful in losing weight, restore muscle tone and fight depression and increase energy levels amongst many other benefits. Most importantly it would help in reliving the stress that comes from having a baby. Making sure to take certain precautions, exercise could just be the right stress buster for you. Here are some ways to prepare;

Time to start exercising is when you are ready

Most doctors advice new mums to wait at least 6 weeks before starting to exercise post pregnancy. Exercises to help vaginal laxity treatment in post pregnancy mums are especially common nowadays among many fitness and yoga instructors. It is important to understand your body’s needs and only you will be able to tell when you are ready to start exercising. Trust your instincts if it says that you need to rest and take a little bit more time, it will certainly help you to listen to that voice.

Kegals exercises

Most post pregnancy exercises start with low intensity and are usually called Kegels which focus on tensing and flexing the pelvic muscles. Since the pelvic muscles can get weak during pregnancy, it is important to start strengthening them after birth. As surgeries such as professional urinary incontinence in Melbourne can create various complications for pregnancy, if you need advice on the types of exercises that you can take part in, it is best to consult a doctor. If you notice any discomfort or feel any pains or bleeding, seek medical attention immediately.

Wear supportive clothes including supportive bras

It is vital to wear a stronger supportive bra however light the exercises you do may be as your breasts will tend to be larger and highly sensitive and tender post pregnancy and during breastfeeding periods. Sometimes exercising may lead to excessive build up of lactic acid which can result in the breast milk being a sour taste. In this case, it is advisable to pump or feed prior to exercising.

Slow walks

Slow walks can in fact help heal faster and is the best way to get back in to any form of physical activity. However, keep in mind to keep the walks short initially and gradually work your way up as you feel better. It is also great if you can take your baby in a stroller to enjoy some fresh air and bond together when walking.